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About us


Citymesh delivers state-of-the-art connectivity. As operator and integrator, we have been planning, installing and maintaining high-end networks for fifteen years. Next to our networks, we offer complimentary innovative solutions to reach the next level in every market we serve.

Our networks and solutions are custom-made, all according to the desires and needs of our customer. Citymesh combines a targeted approach with far-reaching innovation and stays on top of the newest innovations.

We realize a smart-infrastructure in a myriad of markets with a combination of technologies such as but not limited to WiFi, 4G, 5G, smart sensors and data visualization. This approach has strengthened our relationship with more than 50 cities, offshore projects, more than ten expo halls, the Belgian railway company and more than 200 events.

The Leadership Team

The Citymesh Leadership Team are true experts in their field. At Citymesh, they join forces as the decisive leaders of innovation.

Mitch De Geest


Joeri Tranchet


Luc Vreys


Ward Van Ooteghem


Peter-Jan Pertry


Freek Pauwels


Robin Leblon


Sarah Van Esch


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