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Internship at Citymesh: the experiences of Robin, Tom and Guillaume


An internship is the ideal moment to learn and to expand your interests. How do Robin, Tom and Guillaume experience their internship at Citymesh? Find out here!


I study Applied Computer Sciences at Hogeschool VIVES, campus Kortrijk and I chose the specialisation Networking & Security. When I was looking for an internship, Citymesh was actually my first choice. Especially the sector appealed to me. There are few telecom companies that deliver connectivity from a to z and the wide variety of projects seemed very interesting. Moreover, I had heard of the company before, in the context of the public WiFi network in Bruges and the WiFi network for Kinepolis.

My project is about the security of WiFi and wired networks. However, Citymesh gives me a lot of freedom when it comes to the exact details of the project. I feel that I can make a valuable contribution to a company that is in full growth. The knowledge I gather here is useful for both Citymesh and myself. In the year 2022, security is one of the most important aspects in the IT world, and this will increase in the future.

At Citymesh the threshold to ask questions and learn more about other departments is very low. IT is much more than programming and I find it very interesting to see what the operations team is doing, because it is very hands-on. The cloud is a very interesting thing, but at the same time, I wouldn't miss getting a hold of the equipment. If I could give one piece of advice to future interns, it would be to prepare well for your internship. That way you will understand in detail what you are doing and you will get the most out of your internship.


My studies are completely in line with Citymesh's activities. I study Multimedia Creative Technologies (MCT) with the option IoT Infrastructure Engineer. When I went for an interview, I immediately noticed that there was a click with the company. My internship assignment revolves around automation, something that will play an increasingly important role in companies. I am very proud that I can work on a complete project and that my internship assignment will have a positive impact on Citymesh's operations, helpdesk and future projects.

The telecom sector is very broad, so I learned a lot, especially about 4G and mobile networks. Getting to know the many solutions and devices that Citymesh offers was also a challenge in the beginning. I often had to ask "what is that?", but there was always someone ready to answer. Yet it is also important that you can work independently as an intern.

You get the chance to be an active part of the team and to give your input. Citymesh is growing very fast, and in a short time, many new employees and projects have been added. Still, everyone within the company is very approachable. There is a great atmosphere and everyone has the same motivation and commitment.


I am studying Management and IT, one of the majors of Commercial Sciences at UGent. This programme is mainly focused on management, so I was looking for an internship that could also teach me more on a technical level. My internship in the Solutions team of Citymesh brings together the two major components of my education. On the one hand I can apply my knowledge of management, for example by making a P&L-analysis. However, IT is also discussed, for example by comparing different IoT platforms.

There are two main reasons why I chose Citymesh as my internship. Firstly, I live nearby, which is obviously very convenient. The second reason is that during my search Citymesh often appeared to be one of the most progressive IT companies in Flanders. This is noticeable on several levels: many companies maintain a vertical hierarchy, while the atmosphere at Citymesh tends to be more horizontal.

When I started the internship, IT still seemed quite abstract to me. By working hands-on at Citymesh I quickly became more familiar with the technology. It's a very open company and you can ask anyone for information. The atmosphere is also very good. One of the best moments? At a trade fair I gave an explanation to Prince Laurent together with a colleague.

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