Citymesh was founded in 2006 with the aim of building large-scale WiFi networks. Due to its innovative character, the company received financial support from the IWT/Vinnof in 2007 to further develop its business plan and to explore direct market access.

It soon became clear that the niche market of holiday parks could be a first step in setting up an infrastructure of its own. In the period 2008-2010, Citymesh was recognised as a Belgian operator and started to roll out its own Wi-Fi networks along the Belgian coast. Today, Citymesh manages both 80% of the camping zones along that coast and a number of large holiday parks in the interior (e.g. Zilvermeer).

Since 2009, Citymesh has been in competition with Proximus/Belgacom and Telenet in order to provide various exhibition hall complexes with a telecom infrastructure. By using the latest technologies and managing a highly flexible platform, Citymesh was allocated the operation of the entire telecom infrastructure in Kortrijk Xpo in 2010. The portfolio was soon expanded with Flanders Expo, Antwerp Expo, Namur Expo, MICX Bergen and Nekkerhal Mechelen. Thanks to these projects, the necessary experience was gained in building and managing high-density networks.

In recent years, the extensive Wi-Fi expertise has been further combined with the development of an in-house Wi-Fi management platform. The platform enables Citymesh to easily respond to the wishes of each customer (White Label WiFi), to collect various data from the users and to display this 'big data' in a clear and useful way (WiFi Business Intelligence). In 2015, the company also invested in the purchase of its own point-to-multipoint frequency (3.5GHz). This will enable urban Wi-Fi networks to be rolled out quickly and efficiently.

At the end of 2014, the city of Antwerp was persuaded by its own management platform, its own frequency and a wealth of WiFi experience in urban and high-density areas to award Citymesh with the 'Antwerp Free WiFi' dossier.

Within the year, more than 100 outdoor access points were installed and 200,000 profiles were collected. In a next step, more than 1,000 existing APs will be linked to the Citymesh platform.

Customers such as the Belgian Pavilion at the Milan 2015 World Expo, the port of Zeebrugge, Dimension Data, the Middelheim Museum, the Ghent Festivities and, of course, the City of Antwerp, ensured the further expansion of the company. Today, Citymesh provides its services to 6 exhibition halls, 6 marinas, 140 holiday parks, +50 annual events, 3 police services (Point-to-multipoint), various industrial companies, the city of Antwerp and various other smaller cities.

The company is reinforcing its ambition by focusing on exponential growth in 2016. This will be achieved by entering into a number of strategic partnerships, the further development of the urban Wi-Fi footprint and the continuous development of the management platform and associated services.