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Event: 5G IS NOW

28/09/2021 in Port of Zeebrugge (ABC Tower)

5G IS NOW was a big success thanks to our partners, speakers and visitors. We hope that 5G is now less of a vague term, and more of a gateway to new opportunities. To make sure that the event is still on your mind for a long time to come, we have made an aftermovie and have compiled all presentations below. Click the document icon next to each speaker to download their presentation.



Everything you need to know:

What is 5G IS NOW about?

5G IS NOW is a technology fair organised by Citymesh. This is a full-day programme aimed at providing information about digitalisation using 5G and private networks for companies in various markets. Visitors got the opportunity to network with professionals and take part in demonstrations that highlight the applications of a private network with 5G, including

  • What are the advantages of 5G is opposed to other connectivity solutions?
  • How can you use 4G and 5G to optimise business activities?
  • How can you collect more information about your company's performance in real time?

What did the programme look like?

The event was opened in the morning by Petra De Sutter, minister of Telecommunication, followed by talks from industry experts and decision-makers, both in the morning and in the afternoon.

In addition to these expert talks, there wa a technology fair throughout the day, where it was possible to experience 5G technology from up close with practical use cases and demos by exhibitors. These are focused on the applications of 5G in several fields, such as

  • Industry: connected machines, data collection, autonomous vehicles
  • Transport and logistics: smart devices, autonomous vehicles and preventing blind spots
  • Healthcare: data in real time, so that decisions can be made faster, remote healthcare support
  • Offshore: drones as a service, autonomous water vessels, AR/VR and other wearables, so that communication between onshore and offshore is more efficient
  • Entertainment: drones as a service, ticketing and payment systems to improve the operations during events


Unfortunately, the deadline for registrations for this event has passed.



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