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Event: CO-OP 2023

21/3/2023 - Skyhall, Brussels Airport

The big Citymesh event on all things connectivity is coming back! More speakers, wider scope, more food. Bigger than ever, so we decided on a new name: the event formerly known as "5G IS NOW" is now called CO-OP, and of course, you are invited.

Register below and join CO-OP 2023.


What to expect

So mark your calendars: CO-OP is coming on 21 March 2023—with a different name but the same riveting atmosphere! The event's new name reflects the core of Citymesh's business: connecting opportunities, or CO-OP in short. CO-OP takes place in the Skyhall at Brussels Airport.

Why should you come to the fair?

  • Learn how connectivity can benefit your business, no matter the size or industry
  • Get to know new technologies up close, and hear from the experts
  • Practical use cases that tackle real-world challenges
  • Speakers from a variety of industries and with a wealth of experience
  • Valuable networking opportunities: connect with peers and trendsetters
  • Food, great food

So, what do you think? Feel like combining knowledge, inspiration, fun, and networking? Are you keen on learning how connectivity can make a difference for you and your organization? Register below and join our event on 21 March 2023 in the Skyhall at Brussels Airport.

See you at CO-OP!


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