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Information on use of premium rate number

On 22/09/2017 a new law came into force (published in the Belgian Official Gazette of 12/09/2017) amending the law of 13/06/2015 on electronic communications. A new article 116/1 is inserted that obliges every third party using a premium rate number to publish the following information via the central register.

Use of payment lines Citymesh: 070 21 09 29 - 070 75 99 90
Service Provider: Citymesh NV, with registered offices at 8020 Oostkamp, Siemenslaan 13
VAT number: BE 0881.653.685
Description: Technical Helpdesk
Price of the service: € 0,30 per minute.
For complaints: e-mail: or 050 41 02 00
Start and end date of the service: 01/01/2015 until 31/12/2099

The following points in Article 116/1 are not applicable:

4. The URLs used by the service

If applicable, the number of the licence according to the Act of 7 May 1999 on gambling, betting, gaming establishments and the protection of players and its implementing decrees.

The above-mentioned data which were applicable during the last 6 months, if they differ from the current data.

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