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Residents and visitors to a campsite or holiday park very often have exactly the same needs as at home. A good internet connection is one of them. A need that is lifted more and more every year.

Nowadays, your campsite or holiday park can no longer do without a smoothly functioning WiFi network. If you, as the owner, do not take this into account, you run the risk of losing potential visitors to your competitors. WiFi has become one of the most important assessment criteria on sites such as Tripadvisor & Zoover for good reason.

The Citymesh concept: Hotspots & wireless networks.

Citymesh specialises in building large-scale wireless broadband networks and this knowledge has already been used to provide the Internet to various holiday parks and campsites. In the meantime, we have already worked on some 140 domains on the coast and in the interior.

A Citymesh WiFi network can be developed using two different methods. Either the hotspot principle is chosen or the Citymesh Beam is chosen. A combination of both is also possible, depending on the type of user who visits your park.
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The principle of a Citymesh Hotspot is quite simple. A number of WiFi access points are provided on the domain. In this way, the entire domain can benefit from WiFi coverage. A measurement of the site is necessary for this. In this way, we can determine the right number of stations, so that an optimal internet connection can be made throughout your park.

All users have to do is connect to the hotspot, and then get (paid or free) access.


In addition to the Hotspot model, Citymesh also created the Citymesh Beam. The Citymesh Beam is a kind of auxiliary antenna that makes it possible to cover longer distances.

The Beam can also help to get a better reception in well-insulated homes or caravans. Unfortunately, they often form a kind of Faraday cage that stops the Wi-Fi radiation.

A combination of both solutions is often chosen. The Citymesh Beam is mainly used by regular visitors. The Citymesh Hotspots are extremely popular with hikers or people who only visit once.
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Choosing a Citymesh network brings many advantages. Both for the owner and the end user.

For example, Citymesh complies with all the legal conditions and obligations imposed by the legislator. In addition, Citymesh takes care of all the necessary support, maintenance & marketing. In this way, as an owner, you don't have to put more than an absolute minimum of energy into your wifi network.