Custom Solutions

Wireless networks fully customized

We find a solution for every wireless problem. Each project requires a unique approach. Every problem is different because the environmental factors and range are often very different from each other. As experts in everything that is wireless, wifi no longer holds any secrets for us. This enables us to offer each customer a personalized solution at their request.

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Citymesh distinguishes itself as an integrator and operator from the traditional suppliers by offering end-to-end solutions, which do not shy away from any challenges.

After the intake interview, the project is fully mapped out and we determine a strategy.
Are you looking for a company that does wifi-consulting, a wifi-reseller that can deliver added value or an integrator? Citymesh is the go-to partner who takes care of everything for you.

Planning, installation, monitoring and support... we take care of your entire process so that you can enjoy the WiFi network (WAAS - Wifi As A Service) without any worries. We have the necessary competencies and certificates to fulfill this promise.


Citymesh has a solution for every type of environment:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Potentially explosive environments (Seveso, ATEX, IECEX)
  • High humidity environments (offshore)
  • ...

Besides the environment, WiFi interference remains the biggest challenge for the success of a project. Given the increasing popularity of wireless networks, the spectrum must be used optimally. In order to fully map out the Wi-Fi spectrum, an extensive site survey is being carried out. In this way, all frequencies and sources of interference (rogue devices) are mapped out. Subsequently, various simulations in the field of RF are carried out. This allows us to determine the most optimal location for the WiFi transmitters.

When it appears that the public frequencies (2.4 & 5.8 GHz) are fully saturated, Citymesh can always fall back on the private (paying) 3.5 GHz frequency, for which we have a licence (which is supplied via the BIPT).
Wifi Consulting
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We are moving more and more towards a connected world in which we, but also all our devices, are constantly connected to the Internet. The term Internet of Things (IoT) was coined for this purpose and Wi-Fi plays a major role in this. Citymesh networks are extremely suitable to respond to this, because our networks allow all possible connections.

Retailers are also increasingly focusing on interactive experiences in their shops. Experiences in which connectivity plays a major role. The collection of data and the immediate use of that data to personalise the visit can be done perfectly by linking a Wifi network to Bluetooth beacons.