WiFi solutions for big enterprises

Even within large companies and industry it is no longer possible to imagine a good wifi connection without it. Staff members and processes function best when good communication allows them to do so.

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Soon the problem arose that different buildings, on the same domain or sites, had to be connected to each other at different locations. Fibre connections between different offices can quickly become an expensive joke, especially if public works have to be carried out for this purpose.

The solution is to build a wireless Point-to-Point (PtP) or Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) network. The only condition is that there is line-of-sight (LoS) between the different locations. Thanks to this network, superfluous network connections are also built up so that one system can take over another in the event of a breakdown.


In addition to the radio links, WiFi networks are often used to optimise processes. A good example of this are the distribution centres of numerous large merchandisers where wifi is very often used to make scanning run smoothly and flexibly. Thanks to the wireless WiFi scanners, it is possible to process parcels very quickly, which greatly increases the time savings. This, in combination with an RFID solution, ensures seamless processing in the various department stores.

Is work done in an environment where there is a risk of explosion? Then there are solutions for this that are fully in line with the ATEX guidelines. So we can also offer Wi-Fi here.

WiFi scanning and tracking are just a few of the possible applications in such environments. Our WiFi networks can be set up in such a way that many external applications can be linked to them. This can range from an alarm system to platforms that need to process data. We arrange all possible connections via the WiFiLAB platform.
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Detecting clients (users) or rogue devices (sources of interference within the network) has never been easier. Thanks to an interactive map, active clients or even RFID tags can be tracked and monitored in real time.

This is possible, for example, in a hospital: personnel as well as equipment (defibrillators, etc.) can easily be located in case of an emergency.