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Wireless connectivity is indispensable for successful events: from increased security to cashless payments, everything becomes possible.

Citymesh has 15 years of experience providing wireless connectivity for events and exhibition halls in Belgium. In addition to flexible WiFi networks with full coverage, we also provide 4G and 5G networks, wired high-capacity connections, footfall analysis, point-to-point connections and other customized network solutions.

In short

  • Provide a personalized WiFi network for your organization and your visitors
  • Let registrations and cashless payments run smoothly with a Citymesh network
  • Get to know your audience better on the basis of qualitative visitor data
  • Enjoy full helpdesk support before, during and after your event
Carlo Waelens

Your Citymesh Contact for this solution

Now this is it.
Time for action.

Our collaboration starts here! Get in touch with one of our network professionals and tell us your plans. Together, we will select the best possible solution so your organisation can reach new heights!