Event WiFi

Temporary WiFi networks for events

No two events are the same, but you are often confronted with the same obstacles: chaotic environments with many users.

Citymesh provides telecom services for many major events in Belgium. In addition to providing a fully covered WiFi network, we also provide wired high-capacity connections, point-to-point connections, private LTE coverage, etcetera tailored to your needs.

Our tailor-made solution ensures that registrations and cashless payments run smoothly.

Markten Events


An event is an ever-changing environment where telecoms must be handled flexibly. At the request of the organiser, temporary solutions are often worked out, such as additional SSIDs, other portals, changing walled gardens, temporary extra network connections to the outside world, etc. Here, too, we use our own Wi-Fi management platform.
We always try to think along with the event organiser in order to maximise the use of the Wi-Fi network and to allow innovative applications.

From our years of experience, it was a small step to also offer wifi on a temporary basis at large events. Some references : festivals (Pukkelpop, Dour, Feest in het Park,...), EK Turnen (Brussels Heizel), Autosalon (VIP Hall Brussels Heizel), I Love Techno, elections 2012 (Antwerp press room), Special Olympics (2014), etc. In 2015, we were also able to provide the Belgian Pavilion at the Milan World Expo with the necessary WiFi and telecom infrastructure.

Since 2018 Citymesh has also been using an RRV (Rapid Response Vehicle). This allows us to set up a private network in no time, whether or not in a private frequency, so that (crisis) communication can always be guaranteed.