Personalised WiFi in your hotel

WiFi at the hotel is becoming increasingly important for the visitor. In the past, you only had the professionals who were looking for a smooth internet connection in order to be able to work. But nowadays it is the ordinary users who have become very demanding in this respect.

On the numerous booking sites such as tripadvisor,, etc., the quality of the WiFi network is included as an assessment point. This is precisely because the visitor attaches so much importance to it. It influences the decision whether or not to spend the night somewhere.

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Hotel visitors have very high expectations. They want access to a Wi-Fi network that is fast, free and easy to use. This applies to both new and returning customers.

Then, as an operator, you quickly come to the question: Should I only provide WiFi in the lobby? Or should I ensure good connections throughout my hotel?

Once again, it's best to place yourself in the position of the visitor when answering such a question. A visitor who likes to seek private and peaceful access to the internet. By providing WiFi in the rooms, you can also preserve the oasis of peace and quiet that your lobby radiates.

When setting up the wifi network, a lot of attention must be paid to the placement of the access points. A correct site survey ensures that the network is optimally designed, so that the right number of access points can be determined. The more the better, because too many access points can cause interference. The number, but also the location of the WiFi transmitters will therefore play an important role.

A not unimportant point is the capacity of the internet line. You can still spend huge amounts of money on the development of a professional wifi network, if the internet line has insufficient capacity to provide a large number of simultaneous users with sufficient speed, then the wifi experience will remain poor. The choice can be made to limit the users in terms of speed or bandwidth, but here too you will lose out on a positive user experience. So keep thinking from the point of view of the end user.


Thanks to the WiFiLAB platform, the hotel has a lot of personalisation possibilities. For example, the portal page can be created entirely in the house style. In this way, the brand of your hotel is also extended into the WiFi network.

In addition, different networks can be set up on the WiFi transmitters. It can be decided that there is an internal network for the staff, a network for the guests and a professional network with more capacity for conference or meeting rooms.

Furthermore, the integration of the WiFiLAB platform, which operates entirely in the cloud, can be seamlessly integrated into existing applications.

Here too, Citymesh takes care of everything from A to Z, so that as an owner you no longer have to worry about helpdesk problems and maintenance. Because we promise to keep a close eye on everything.