Powerfull WiFi in marinas

Marinas do not escape the wave of modernisation either. A smoothly functioning WiFi network often plays a crucial role in this. More and more frequently, weather models and maps are consulted online and on the boat in real time, before the decision to leave the port is made. This requires a state-of-the-art network. A network with sufficient capacity, so that at peak times such as in summer, a large number of simultaneous users can have easy access to the Internet.

Markten Haven


Many external factors have to be taken into account when building a WiFi network in the marina. On the one hand, you work in a humid environment and the access points have to be able to withstand this (IP65 housing).

On the other hand, both marinas by the sea and inland ports have to take into account the differences in tides. This plays a role in the placement of the different access points. Existing masts along the marina can therefore in most cases not be used, so it is necessary to choose for the placement of piles on pontoons.

In addition, you also have to deal with the fact that all boats and yachts form a Faraday cage. This makes it difficult to guarantee perfect coverage into the cabin, just like with WiFi on the campsite.


Thanks to the WiFiLAB platform, many personalisation possibilities have been created. An adapted landing page for the marina, login with a code linked to the berth, winter and summer formulas for permanent berths, free or paid wifi, etc. Everything is possible.

The choice lies entirely with the marina. Citymesh can always take on an advisory role, because over the years we have gained a lot of experience in various Belgian marinas.

As in all other markets, Citymesh also provides a complete end-to-end solution in marinas, where we take care of the maintenance, monitoring of the network and the helpdesk. In this way, the reception of the marina is not unnecessarily burdened.