Creation of B2C insights

An optimal customer experience is something that every trader works hard on. Customers go where the experience is best and webshops are becoming bigger and bigger competitors.

The digital revolution is clearly not slowed down. But it also offers a lot of possibilities. An own wifi network can thus be a stepping stone to a better customer experience.


Recognizability is very important in marketing. As a retailer, it is therefore best to extend this brand identity into your own Wi-Fi network. Under the White Label WiFi principle, the network will be rolled out completely on behalf of your company, complete with the same "look and feel" of your brand. In this way, your message is immediately passed on to the end user.

The added value that a Wi-Fi network can offer is enormous. Just think of the amount of data that can be collected in this way, in order to gain extra insights into visitors and customers. By extension, the system can be used to increase customer loyalty by means of all kinds of actions and promos.

The data is collected in real-time and clearly displayed via WiFiLAB, a cloud-based platform. By logging in via Facebook or Twitter, for example, the user gets access to this data.

can be seen as a multifunctional pocket knife. You have an infinite number of possibilities. The data that is collected can in turn be segmented in order to be used in targeted marketing or advertising campaigns. The great strength lies in the fact that the system can be linked to various applications.
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It is now also perfectly possible to follow the movements of your visitors throughout your shop. Wifi transmitters broadcast beacons that are in turn answered by mobile devices. In this way, the distance to the station is determined and the location of the users can be mapped out fairly accurately. Pass-by counting is one of the most frequently used applications.

In combination with Bluetooth beacons, this can provide an increased interactive experience. When visitors enter a certain zone, they can see a message or promo on their device via a Bluetooth push notification. The condition, however, is that Bluetooth is activated on the device.

You can further refine this experience by linking digital signage. When you enter a certain zone, based on your user profile, a certain message can be displayed on one of the screens in the shop. This allows the visitor to perceive a unique experience.