CWNP courses popular with IT professionals

4 reasons why you should follow a CWNP training course at the Citymesh Academy

Citymesh has been offering training courses to increase the WiFi knowledge of IT professionals for some time now. To do this, we rely on the teaching material that is provided to us to obtain the official certificates for the certified wireless network professional (CWNP).

4 reasons why you should follow a CWNP training course at the Citymesh Academy

1. Vendor independent certification

The American CWNP (Certified Wireless Network Professionals) specializes in vendor-neutral certification for IT professionals working with wireless network technologies. It is the standard for Enterprise WiFi certification.

The focus of these WiFi courses is on 802.11 wireless technology and IEEE standards and not on products from specific suppliers.

With these courses you will develop yourself and bring your individual knowledge to a higher level. In addition, after successfully completing the corresponding exam, you will receive an internationally recognized certification that you can go anywhere.

2. Training location in Belgium

The Citymesh Academy is a CWNP Authorized Learning Center and provides CWNP training in Belgium. You will follow the one-day or multi-day classroom courses without having to travel far and without the costs involved.

In-company training is also possible, but sufficient participants must register for it. The minimum number of participants to qualify for this is 8.

3. Up to 40% subsidy for CWNP training courses

Citymesh Academy is a recognized SME portfolio service provider. This means that if you follow the CWNP course at the Citymesh Academy, you can get part of your registration fee back from the Flemish government.

The financial contribution depends on the size of the company. A small company that invests in training and advice can benefit from 40% support with a maximum of €10,000 per year. For medium-sized enterprises, the subsidy is 30% with a maximum of €15,000 per year.

More information about the SME portfolio and how to apply for this subsidy can be found at

4. Experienced trainers

Who better to prepare for the certification exam? A network professional with experience of course. A trainer who is not only an expert in his field but is also CWNP-certified and has training skills to combine theory with practical experience.

Here you will find more info and training dates:

CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator)

CWS (Certified Wireless Specialist)

CWT (Certified Wireless Technician)