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Aubange wins Giga Region Award 2022 thanks to Citymesh & NSI's 5G network


Aubange received the Giga Region Award 2022 during the Smart Cities Wallonia fair on 4 October 2022. This award is presented for the first time this year by the AdN (Agence du Numérique) and highlights innovative 'Giga Region' projects. Citymesh and NSI installed a high-performance 5G network to support public services, industry and economy in the municipality.


Citymesh and NSI are installing the first functional 5G network in Wallonia during a pilot project. This covers different buildings and zones: public buildings, schools, police stations, industrial buildings and more. In a later phase, the Athus dry port will also be integrated into the network. The project fits within AdN's vision to make Wallonia a high-performance connected area (a so-called Giga Region) in line with the European 2030 targets.


Aubange is a challenging region for telecommunications. Located in the far south of the country, this municipality is a border town. Due to the rural nature of Aubange, which consists of several small village centres, there are white and grey zones. These are zones where currently no network operator (in the case of white zones) or only one network operator (in the case of grey zones) provides high-speed mobile electronic communications service. With this project, high-speed connectivity and experimentation with new technologies become key spearheads in Aubange, something Mayor François Kinard also strongly supports.


The joint pilot project between Citymesh, NSI, the municipality of Aubange and the AdN is the perfect opportunity to explore and fully exploit the potential of 5G. The network not only allows public services, industrial partners and local SMEs to use fast and reliable connectivity, but also enables extensive other (smart city) applications. Citymesh and NSI are proud to be part of the Giga Region concept and look forward to further projects in the region. Providing high-speed connectivity to support the local economy, industry and tourism is one of our major priorities.

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