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Can you work remotely in the offshore industry?


The world is in lockdown and all of us are encouraged to work from home as much as possible. In some industries, like offshore, social distancing is challenging by default. As a result, many offshore companies are forced to shut down. But what if there is a solution enabling to de-crew your vessel and allow them to operate from shore? Citymesh offers you remote survey options.

Seahub: a new way to survey

Seahub was created to offer an easily managed web platform that enhances remote operations for offshore companies. The web platform allows your company to work with a reduced offshore crew supported by a more experienced onshore crew. With the platform, the onshore crew follows up and collaborates in the operation in real-time. This makes Seahub cost-effective: the company can de-crew their vessels, reduce HSE exposure and optimize personnel logistics.

This is especially valuable in these trying times. You can reduce risk and ensure your employees’ safety: the remote communication options of Seahub make smaller crews and proper social distancing possible.

Some of Seahub’s key features are:

  • Real-time survey data: The collaboration between 4D Nav and Citymesh provides you with real-time spatial awareness based on the remotely generated data;
  • Live video streaming: feeds can be added without limit and will be monitored by onshore employees through secured connections;
  • Telepresence via Voice, VoIP and messaging: a qualified onshore surveyor can monitor, pilot and control all the onboard equipment;
  • Remote processing and quality control;
  • Data synchronization and analytics

Citymesh’ remote survey solution is all about reducing risk, costs, and people on board of the vessel. With Seahub, a surveyor can remotely operate from shore and multitask simultaneously between several projects or operations.

All of these features give your company the possibility to safely work on offshore operations and ensure your crew's safety.

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