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Carlo Waelens takes charge of brand new Citymesh Flex


Citymesh keeps looking for new opportunities and sees a lot of growth potential in setting up and providing temporary networks. Some examples include festivals, football matches, fairs, campsites, events, construction sites, etc. The telecom player already had a lot of experience in event management, but is now clustering their activities under the name Citymesh Flex. Carlo Waelens takes the branch under his wing.

"The events sector has very specific needs. Flexibility and speed are a must, there are always last-minute changes and nine to five is an illusion. But it is precisely this challenge that appeals to me. Bringing the commercial and the technical sides together in a tailor-made network solution, so that our customers get the ultimate experience. For example, so that you can pay cashless at a festival, but just as well that the press & artists have their own WiFi networks, streaming of the shows to the outside world and connectivity for access control, organisation and emergency services, those are the things we take care of!", says Carlo Waelens, new General Manager of Citymesh Flex.

Carlo Waelens has more than ten years of experience in the events sector and already held a commercial/operational position at Citymesh. Just a few years ago he was the one installing the networks, now he pushes the cluster in the right direction. "His hands-on mentality, excellent client service and knowledge of the domain make him the right man to lead our talented team of experts," said Mitch De Geest, CEO of Citymesh.

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