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Citymesh 5G-ready network in Belgian North Sea


In May of 2019, Citymesh (formerly known as nCentric) finalised the second 5G private LTE station in the Belgian North Sea. This station provides coverage for all Belgian offshore wind farms, from Norther to Mermaid.

5G Connection from Norther to Mermaid

Through its partnership with Nokia, Citymesh supplies all Belgian offshore wind farms with private 5G coverage, from Norther to Mermaid. With this reliable connection, speeds on board of vessels up to 80Mbps are no longer an exception.

Several customers, such as MHI Vestas confirmed this is the way forward for offshore operations where high-bandwidth, low-latency internet connectivity is needed.

“Today we can confirm what we already knew, the 5G system together with the own developed mesh network provide a stable, powerful high speed and redundant link to shore” Marc Vereecken, Market expert at Citymesh, said.

Next steps are two onshore units, one at the port of Zeebrugge, followed by one at the port of Ostend. These onshore units provide internet access from the harbour towards the wind farms, decreasing communications costs (compared to 3G and VSAT) to a maximum.

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