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Citymesh acquires Dutch Sigfox network and expands abroad


"This is how we are going to ensure that no parcels are lost in the Benelux!"

Belgian telecom player Citymesh has big plans for 2023 and is immediately pushing their ambition by acquiring the Dutch 0G network, powered by Sigfox 0G technology. In doing so, they immediately set the tone for their bold future plans, expanding into the Netherlands, Luxembourg and, if possible, the rest of Europe. The acquisition of VolkerWessels’ 0G Network is a first step.

Mitch de Geest, CEO of Citymesh, explains: "Don't say it too loudly yet, but basically we want to become the Belgium and Netherlands player when it comes to low power networks. A lot of difficult words for a relatively cheap network of sensors and chips that requires very little energy and maintenance, but ensures that objects such as water meters, vehicles and parcels become traceable/connectable. Internet of Things, in other words. This is how we get to know the Dutch telecom market, because besides the 0G network we also want to roll out our mobile private networks and our other Belgian network solutions to our neighbours. So it is definitely a good thing that we are part of the Cegeka family, as they already have the necessary expertise and experience with complementary applications in the Netherlands. This way, we strengthen each other in terms of data capture, connectivity and artificial intelligence."

VolkerWessels Telecom monitors and maintains various and complex network infrastructures. They rolled out the first Sigfox network in the Netherlands. Citymesh, part of the Cegeka family, already acquired the Belgian 0G (Sigfox) network in 2021, becoming the largest 0G player in Belgium. Given their years of experience within the domain, VolkerWessels Telecom will continue to take care of the monitoring, maintenance and new construction of the 0G network. UnaBiz, owner of the technology behind the Sigfox network, also supports the acquisition. “A big congratulations to Citymesh for expanding their 0G network coverage to the Netherlands! UnaBiz will continue to support Citymesh in its effort to provide customers with a seamless global 0G network to enable Massive IoT,” said Loïc Barancourt, CCO of UnaBiz.

"Our experience in the domain gives us a solid edge. For instance, we have connected more than 300,000 water meters from Waterlink in Antwerp to the Sigfox network, an important step in better water management. For Ardo, we track 400 containers, while ZNA tracks their blood transport with 0G technology. That's also why we want to look across borders. Being able to offer the total package, from 0G to 5G, because connectivity doesn't stop where map borders do," says Maarten Van Aerde, General Manager of Citymesh 0G.

With the acquisition of the Dutch Sigfox network, Citymesh is highlighting its growth ambitions. The strategic partnership with Cegeka is an important factor in the story. Citymesh installs, connects and monitors the sensors, while Cegeka can take care of the processing, visualisation and interpretation of the data. Thanks to this cooperation, thanks to smart investments and an even greater offering within connectivity, Citymesh is ready to grab the Dutch market as well.

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