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Citymesh expands spectrum rights in the 3.5GHz band on the North Sea


On October 27, 2020, BIPT (Belgian Institute for postal services and telecommunications) granted Citymesh an increased user right for the 3.5 GHz band on the North Sea. Citymesh provides wireless connectivity on the North Sea. It is now building a redundant network for the new wind farms that will be built in the coming years.

Bigger capacity

With the expansion, Citymesh can offer better services for clients in the North Sea. Citymesh previously had the right to use the frequencies 3430-3450 MHz and 3530-3550 MHz (40 MHz), but this is now being replaced by a right to use the frequency 3410-3510 MHz. Citymesh now has a total of 100 MHz available. With this band Citymesh supplies connectivity around all wind farms in the Belgian North Sea. For example, offshore crews on the permanent installations can use the Citymesh network for installations, maintenance work and subsea projects.

The 5G network in the North Sea

Citymesh previously installed offshore networks for the wind farms in the Belgian North Sea, from Mermaid to Norther: “We build 5G networks that enable super-fast connectivity for all wind farms in the North Sea,” says Mitch De Geest, CEO of Citymesh. We also provide connectivity to Borssele wind farms in the Dutch North Sea.

A redundant network thanks to a combination of 5G and Mesh

Citymesh is strongly committed to redundant networks, the network in the Belgian North Sea is an example of this. The combination of Nokia's 5G technology and Citymesh's Mesh technology provides perfect coverage and a seamless transition between the onshore and offshore networks. This way Citymesh guarantees a reliable connection that is always available.

The current installation already covers part of the surface where the new Belgian wind farms will be built. Citymesh's ambition to provide all wind farms in the North Sea with coverage is high.

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