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Citymesh supports repair work for the C-Power wind farm


The Deme offshore jack-up vessel Thor was equipped with a reliable 5G connection. The ship was recently used for the repair work at the C-Power wind farm in the Belgian North Sea.

The wind farms have increased in capacity in recent years, so construction or service employees do not return to shore every day. Due to the often difficult weather conditions and extensive installations, the employees therefore benefit from a stable 5G connection from Citymesh. The reliability of this network is essential to reach colleagues on the mainland and to ensure access to company data during installation.

C-Power is the first offshore wind farm in the concession area on the Thornton Bank in the North Sea, 30 km from the Belgian coastline. With a total installed capacity of 325.20 MW, the 54 wind turbines generate approximately 1,050 GWh per year, enough to provide 300,000 families with renewable energy.

(source image: Deme Group)

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