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Citymesh supports HMC in Chevron Bigfoot project


Last week Citymesh (formerly known as nCentric) completed the communication support on the Chevron Bigfoot project.

"Through the use of Citymesh' Nova nodes, all video feeds were exchanged between the vessels and the TLP. This provided all parties involved with a real-time overview of the subsea operations. All images were recorded in high resolution on the TLP for future reference" said Sven De Brabander, project manager at Citymesh.

"This kind of visibility proved to be crucial while installing the tendons. It allowed our customer to enhance overall operational efficiency and safety".

During the project 48 subsea and 16 ROV camera's were connected to a Citymesh network and distributed to 5 locations on the TLP and the HMC vessels Balder and Bylgia.

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