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At the 98th edition of the Brussels Motor Show, Febiac once again presented the Dream Cars Salon: the most exclusive cars, exhibited especially for you on 40 interactive stands. But such an experience is only truly dreamy if that dream is not interrupted by a connection.

The Dream Cars Salon

The sixth edition of Dream Cars this year was all about the rebirth of the car. You could discover no fewer than 40 interactive stands with the most exclusive car models of 2020. This experience was made unique for each visitor through the guided tour. At your dream car, you could scan a QR code with your smartphone. On your smartphone you could see photos, videos and audio tracks with facts about the car. This interaction with the visitor was only possible with a reliable internet connection. But the latter was not self-evident: how do you guarantee such a connection for an event with more than 500,000 visitors?

The importance of a reliable connection

Febiac came to Citymesh with this question. The interactive web pages should appear quickly when the visitors scan the QR code. Smartphone users are so used to a smooth connection that they regularly drop out if a page loads longer than two seconds. And if a video has to load for a long time, that can quickly irritate the visitor. So you can imagine that a slow connection quickly turns the dream into a nightmare.

Citymesh specializes in tailor-made WiFi networks for every setting. Febiac's needs were clear: creating a free WiFi network to which every visitor had a reliable connection. A connection as fast as a sports car, with the capacity of 100 buses. The network experts set to work with a clear briefing. They set up and monitored the network to ensure that it met the requirements at all times. In this way, both Febiac and the visitor could continue to dream undisturbed.

(Image: Triptyque and Dream Car)

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