Corona Safe City

Safely Enjoy a Corona Safe Summer!

At long last we can leave our homes again now it's decided to ease the measures gradually. And of course we're careful, because we all want to avoid a second lockdown. But that doesn't mean we don't want to safely enjoy the beautiful summer days. What does that mean in times of social distancing? Discover the three ways smart technology makes your city corona safe!

Disinfect your hands, anywhere you go!

Washing and disinfecting your hands are two of the best methods to keep the coronavirus from spreading. However, when you leave the comfort of your own home, it's oftentimes hard to find places where you can properly disinfect your hands. With this in mind, many cities offer disinfection stations and dispensers which can be placed all over the city. The stations can be customized so they fit the look and feel of your city. At these stations, you can easily and safely disinfect your hands.

Qualitative monitoring

We all know the summer months will be a busy period for cities, especially the Belgian coastal cities. But how busy exactly? And where will the crowds form? Now is the crucial period to start monitoring in cities. During May and June, the cities may be less crowded but that doesn't mean the monitoring data is less valuable. You can already determine trends and visitor flows with this data, which can offer cities valuable insights they can use during the crowded summer months.

For example, if the data shows that a square consistently becomes crowded between 12.00 pm and 2.00 pm, they can react appropriately to that trend. So why don't cities monitor crowds more often? For one, it's difficult: manually counting crowds is time-consuming and often isn't all that accurate. This is why Citymesh offers smart and automatic monitoring technology.

The Footfall AI monitors accurately how many people are in a given space such as a shopping street or a landmark of the city. It updates its data in real-time so authorized organizations always have an accurate idea of the situation. But that's not what makes this solution so smart. Next to accurately counting people, the Footfall AI also knows exactly how big the given space is and calculates how many people fit in that space, following the social distancing rules. This way, the Footfall AI tells authorized organizations exactly how crowded a space is. The city also gets insight in what kind of transportation citizens use because the Footfall AI can distinguish pedestrians, cars and other vehicles from each other.

Inform yourself before you leave home

Picture this: you want to spend a day at sea with your family, but you live in Antwerp. So, you cross Flanders full of hope. But, when you arrive there, you learn that the coastal cities are already too crowded and you'll have to improvise. This scenario is frustrating, to say the least. Especially because it's easily avoidable with the right information.

The Footfall AI can easily share data with all authorized organizations. The detailed data allows emergency services, public transport and local government to easily communicate this valuable information. That way, you'll know where to go before leaving your home! This data can also be visualized on monitors in cities or at main roads.

"Oltegoare shoppen doen we veilig!"

A city setting a good example, is Roeselare. With their “Oltegoare shoppen doen we veilig” campaign, the city provides disinfection stations and qualitative monitoring with the Footfall AI. If the shopping streets get too crowded, the police can decide to close off the street, giving pedestrians more space to roam the street. The city cares for the health and safety of its citizens and visitors!

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