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Six new General Managers fuel Citymesh's growth spurt


Sustainable and future-oriented growth is at the heart of Citymesh's ambitious plans. That is why the company is appointing six General Managers, who will lead six new divisions. These will allow Citymesh to further expand both in new markets and in the branches in which the company is already active. Citymesh is like the mother ship, which will continue to serve as the base of operations for the various divisions.

  • Freek Pauwels, General Manager Citymesh Belgium: As Chief Commercial Officer, Freek Pauwels led the sales team with a solid vision. He is the new General Manager of Citymesh Belgium.
  • Carlo Waelens, General Manager Citymesh Flex: Carlo Waelens knows the world of events like the back of his hand, thanks to more than ten years experience in the industry. Citymesh Flex offers solutions for festivals, football matches, fairs, construction sites and many more.
  • Hans Similon, General Manager Citymesh Safety Drone: Citymesh Safety Drone, led by General Manager Hans Similon, supports Belgian emergency services by mapping the situation from the sky in case of natural disasters and heavy traffic accidents.
  • Geert De Westelinck, General Manager Citymesh Connect: Citymesh Connect, with Geert De Westelinck as its General Manager, is aimed at the telecom portion of Citymesh, which includes mobile and fixed telephony, FMU and VPN.
  • Maarten Van Aerde, General Manager Citymesh 0G: Following Citymesh's acquisition of Engie M2M in 2021, Maarten Van Aerde took the Industry and 0G component under his wing. Now he heads the Citymesh 0G division, which offers various Internet of Things solutions.
  • Peter-Jan Pertry, General Manager Insky: Insky is the joint venture of Citymesh and European telecom operator DIGI. Insky is led by Peter-Jan Pertry and is aimed at the national roll-out of 5G infrastructure.

With the new structure, Citymesh is firmly positioned to fully exploit its growth potential in all targeted markets. These General Managers previously held positions in Citymesh, and know the company and its ambitions inside out. They are therefore the right people to lead the new divisions. To complement their teams, Citymesh is looking for a large number of enthusiastic people: at least 50 new employees are already being sought, a solid challenge. On the vacancies page you will find many open positions, such as Network Manager Events & Festivals and Infrastructure Expert Events & Festivals at Citymesh Flex: the perfect opportunity to work for an innovative company.

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