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Wireless connectivity for the Norther OHVS


Citymesh recently started providing the Norther OHVS (offshore high voltage station) with wireless connectivity. With the qualitative connection, crucial parameters can be quickly transmitted so that the onshore personnel also immediately have all the important information. In this way, the collaboration between offshore and onshore personnel is streamlined.

These parameters come from SCADA systems that provide technical information about the OHVS or certain alarms. For example: temperatures, angle of inclination, electrical parameters, rotor speed, information about the yaw system ... These signals are then connected to the Citymesh Nova Nodes, which are themselves wirelessly connected to the Citymesh 5G LTE and mesh network. This makes it possible to monitor the information on land.

The Citymesh solution combines multiple frequencies, giving the Norther OHVS a fully redundant solution. In the event that one system fails due to loss of line of sight, the other system takes over seamlessly.

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