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Econocom is a European group that enables digital transformation for companies, schools and institutions. We support clients in putting users at the heart of their digital transformation. We guide all business processes from equipment procurement, services and financing. As digital business becomes increasingly complex, our aim is to help clients make the right choices; technologically, financially and organisationally. Sustainable choices that respect the needs of end users.

Collaboration between Econocom and Citymesh

Econocom has a passionate team with more than 20 years of experience within the education sector. Econocom Education's mission is to contribute to educational innovation thanks to the sustainable use of technology. A team of consultants and technical engineers provides an answer to the contemporary IT needs of education.

Even within schools, a tailor-made WiFi network is the basis for integrating digital tools. The collaboration between Econocom and Citymesh ensures a rock-solid expertise that allows us to accompany the entire digitisation process within education from A to Z, including the installation, maintenance and expansion of wireless networks. Thanks to WiFi 6, the latest generation within WiFi networks, we ensure that every school has fast and reliable Internet. So, with the help of Econocom and Citymesh, every school can get ready to embrace the future of education.

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Our collaboration starts here! Get in touch with one of our network professionals and tell us your plans. Together, we will select the best possible solution so your organisation can reach new heights!