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The Power of a Wireless Network in La Sucrerie

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La Sucrerie is a new cultural centre on the site of the old sugar factory in Wavre. The centre has a distinctive modern architecture and is the cornerstone of "Wavre 2030". The project is leading for the urban renewal of the Walloon Brabant capital.

With the WIFI4EU voucher received later that year, the City of Wavre is investing now more than ever in cultural experiences.

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Citymesh and the city of Genk launch a test project with a Safety Drone

The city of Genk is launching a test project with a Safety Drone that can make images during the first few minutes of a life-threatening situation. The imaging technology, software and accessories on board the drone will enable the emergency services to gather information more quickly and efficiently in the event of an incident.


Belgian auction for allocation of 5G spectrum to take place in June 2022

On 14 January, the BIPT (Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications) launched a call for applications for the future radio spectrum of 5G. The auction for allocating the spectrum licences is set to take place in June 2022 and will be conducted anonymously.


Citymesh maps the number of passers-by in Bruges and Ghent shopping streets

From January to March 2022, a special pilot project will take place in Bruges and Ghent: smart technology will be used to measure how busy it is in several shopping streets. The Footfall AI and sensors using Sigfox technology from Citymesh will support the cities in collecting data and counting passers-by.


Citymesh competes to become the full-fledged fourth telecom operator

The Belgian telecom operator Citymesh, which joined forces with the IT company Cegeka last year, is applying for the entire spectrum package that is reserved for a fourth operator in the auction.


Brussels Airport and Citymesh perform the first remote drone flights at the airport

This week Brussels Airport tested whether drones can be deployed at and around the airport. The Citymesh Safety Drone performed a number of safety tasks on the airport grounds.


DPA concludes: “Footfall AI is a good example of data protection by design”

The Belgian Data Protection Authority has ruled that Citymesh Footfall AI solution is a good example of how mapping visitor flows should work.

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