Monitoring & support

Network monitoring is essential for any company of any size, which is why Citymesh ensures continuous monitoring (24/7) to make sure that all systems are operational and that there are no breakdowns.

To achieve this, a link is made with a redundant Network Operating Center (NOC) in Brussels. This enables us to monitor (remote) all networks wirelessly and remotely and to keep them up to date. This ensures a proactive approach and real-time support.

Citymesh makes extensive use of tools to track the status of the network:


Nagios has been the de-facto standard for network monitoring for many years. Its greatest strength lies in its modular structure, which makes it possible to control a wide range of devices. Citymesh also uses an adapted SMS module that reports errors in real time via SMS messages. The data that nagios collects are used for trend analysis, in order to proactively approach problems and check threshold values. Nagios provides excellent reporting capabilities, an example of which is given below:


Splunk is used to collect all information centrally, which makes the analysis of possible problems easier.


Reporting of different KPI's within the network. Clear graphs offer a view on all kinds of variables within the network. All possible data can be integrated in this system.


In addition, Citymesh also uses a specialized program for maintenance and configuration of WiFi nodes. This was specially written for the hardware used by Citymesh.


Citymesh has a team that continuously works on improving the reporting of all its networks. Specialised software modules ensure a continuous flow of information to the relevant services.


In order to monitor the status of all active networks 24/24 7/7, Citymesh always has an active standby team that is automatically notified via a Zendesk ticket/SMS/telephone system if a part of a network gets the status 'down'. Remote login provides an overview of the monitoring system and the log files so that the cause of the problem can be investigated and addressed. The solution can usually be solved quickly, if necessary our support team will go on site to solve the problem.


At the level of support, a distinction is made between B2C and B2B customers. They can contact the Citymesh Helpdesk in different ways should problems arise. The speed of the intervention is determined on the basis of the service level agreement (bronze - silver - gold) that was agreed upon. Citymesh customers can contact us via the following channels.

Telephone helpdesk:

Users can dial in to the 070 number and will be redirected to the telephone helpdesk where they will be helped immediately. However, if the problem cannot be solved immediately, a ticket will be created in the system and the visitor will be called again as soon as possible.

Online ticket system

Users can address their questions to the helpdesk via the online form.

Online FAQ

The most frequently asked questions (FAQ) will be freely available through the portal page. When new questions come back frequently, Citymesh will automatically update this list.

Premium Partner

Citymesh foresees the presence of a Premium Partner (iLabo) in the centre of Antwerp. In this way, users can immediately get in touch with someone who can help them with their problems.