Site survey

A successful Wi-Fi project stands or falls with the previous site survey. Every wireless network is unique and subject to many factors that can influence its construction.

During the site survey, the entire environment is mapped out. What are the materials of the environment: glass, (reinforced) concrete, wood,... ? Is the building well insulated? Which locations can be considered as a suspension point for the WiFi transmitters? All possible parameters are collected in this phase. This allows us to determine how many transmitters will be needed to offer full coverage.


When planning a new network, possible sources of interference that may interfere with the WiFi signal are also taken into account. The Metageek Wi-Spy & Chanalyzer is used for this purpose. Thanks to this tool, Citymesh can map all radio frequency sources in order to easily detect interference. Zones where there is no WiFi range, the so-called dead spots, can be discovered in this way. In addition, the Chanalyzer is also used for channel planning of the network.

A site survey is not only useful for a new network but can also be used to analyse problem networks. How often does it happen that an existing wifi network does not work smoothly at all, despite the fact that you can see the network without any problems? You can connect, but you don't get any bandwidth over the network, an application that is stalling on the wifi network, rogue devices that disrupt the wifi signal, etc. These are all things that we can detect.

Every wifi network requires a unique approach, because the environmental factors are different every time. Just think of city networks, a football stadium or a trade fair hall. Environments where a lot of users are together on a small area.