Manage visitors

The management of all Citymesh networks is done via the WiFiLAB platform. A small, but unforeseeable part of this is the user management module. This module allows us to link various parameters to the end user in the server park. Without us having to extend this to all networks. In this way, you can flexibly create different user groups, each with their own possibilities:

  • Access can be restricted to a select number of websites (walled garden): homepage, emergency services, public transport, city services,...
  • It is possible to limit the user's time: for example, the first 15 minutes free of charge, then paying...).
  • The surfer can be limited on the basis of data volume: now max. 250mb per user/device per day. We can increase this.
  • Restricting bandwidth. This can be lowered/increased for certain activities, should we find that surfing behaviour is evolving.
  • For special events, the parameters can be played with. In the case of short-term events, the speed and/or volume can be temporarily increased or possibly limited, so that the difference in the number of users can easily be processed.
  • Advertising: certain users will see advertisements in exchange for free WiFi.

Citymesh can also provide an Application Firewall which allows active content filtering. The Application Firewall will be used to prevent illegal downloading via P2P, newsgroups and the like. The Content Filter, on the other hand, will ensure that websites that exhibit violence, sex, racism and suchlike will not be accessible via the network.