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Dronehub is a platform on which live and archived HD and thermal images of every drone mission can be consulted. Easily and securely share images with the appropriate authorities according to the scale of the incident. This way, every drone mission is safe and efficient.

Your Eye in the Sky

In the event of an emergency, the dispatch team easily calls a drone pilot via Dronehub. The drone pilot is available 24/7 to monitor and adjust the drone flights from the Drone Command & Control Center in Oostkamp.

All parties involved can view both live and archived HD and thermal images via Dronehub to optimize or evaluate the approach to the incident afterwards.

Quick Interventions

The Dronehub platform manages the emergency calls that come in. Every drone pilot can easily log in and make himself available, accept and perform missions.

Being able to consult the correct mission data, weather conditions and drone status at any time is crucial, especially when conducting long-range BVLOS drone flights.

Dronehub gives the pilot the ability to view all relevant information at a glance. The platform does away with the manual checking of parameters and is the solution for quick interventions.

Share with stakeholders

Each authorized stakeholder logs into a personal, secure account. The customer can determine who has access to the images. This could just as easily be the mayor, governor or another emergency or security service depending on the scale of the incident. This way it is easy to scale up and everyone has common real-time information on which to base decisions.


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