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Footfall AI

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With Footfall Analytics, your organization quickly gains insight into visitor numbers, you detect objects and you immediately know which places are the busiest. This way your organization can respond to this in real-time.

Citymesh has been mapping visitor flows for years. This extensive sector knowledge and experience makes us an authority in the Belgian market. For example, Citymesh has already provided many cities, events and fairs with qualitative footfall analysis.

What is Footfall AI?

Footfall AI accurately and automatically maps your visitor flows. In many instances, counting visitors is still done manually. This is extremely time-consuming and often inaccurate. Qualitative footfall data is therefore real white whale data: rare and difficult to collect without the right methods. That is why Citymesh has developed Footfall AI. With this smart solution you get accurate data that is displayed in a structured way in a dashboard.

Measuring Success

The smart optical sensors of Footfall AI register every passer-by in the image on the basis of a polygon and several counting lines. Footfall AI also registers many other parameters, including the traffic per surface area, means of transport and the walking direction. Thanks to the object detection you can choose to classify passers-by according to means of transport.This way you can map the multi-modality in your city, which is valuable information for infrastructure and circulation planning.

  • Discrete: measures barely 118 mm by 220 mm and does not stand out in the streets
  • Plug-and-play: can be installed anywhere and monitors from day 1
  • Flexible & Scalable: the monitoring solution can be easily expanded according to your needs
  • Wireless connectivity for flexible backhaul: connects to a 4G network or the Citymesh 5G network to transfer the data quickly
  • GDPR-compliant
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