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  • Offshore

The Hyperbox is the connecting factor that keeps teams connected all over the world. The unit is easy to install and enables a multitude of applications for better vessel-to-vessel and vessel-to-shore communication.

The indispensable offshore hardware

The connectivity needs of offshore projects are becoming more complex every year. For long and short-term offshore projects, it is therefore extremely important to have flexible hardware on board. The Hyperbox is the connecting factor here: it connects to the latest software, can encode any kind of data and can transfer a large amount of files.

In addition, all activity of the Hyperbox is collected in an easy to use application. Via this application, NOC employees can consult remotely and in real time which data is being sent. This way they have control over data usage and can avoid unnecessary costs.

Thanks to this flexibility and reliability, companies have been getting the best out of their offshore mesh network for years. Data between ships and between on- and offshore employees is easily shared and processed. In addition, VoIP, remote surveillance of offshore underwater projects via video streaming and data collection from measuring equipment are just a few possible applications that the Hyperbox supports.

Flawless integration with Seahub

The combination of Seahub and the Hyperbox makes it possible to encode and transfer video files very efficiently, even with networks with a small bandwidth. All activity of the Hyperbox can be consulted via the secure management platform Seahub. Thanks to the secure connection, all your data can be consulted reliably. Every employee with access to the platform can work in the secure web environment and in this way share unlimited data and files with his project employees. Seahub centralizes all files that are needed to execute a project perfectly.

By integrating Seahub with the Hyperbox, your organization will achieve the best result. Both solutions are designed in-house and are indispensable for efficient and cost-effective work during any challenging offshore project.

  • 8 analog inputs and 1 digital input or output
  • All video streams are compressed before being sent
  • Can be remotely controlled by the onshore NOC
  • Supports video telephony, automatic file streaming, chat, ...


  • WiFi
  • 4G
  • 5G
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