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Mobile Kit

  • Offshore
  • Entertainment

The Mobile Kit provides users with a temporary private 5G, 4G or WiFi network. In this way, an ever-changing environment is provided with a stable network. This in-house designed telecom solution is suitable for short installations in wind turbines or during events, both indoor and outdoor. The Mobile Kit is compact and easy to install.

Offshore Connectivity with or without leaky feeder

Offshore wind turbines are often difficult to provide with connectivity. The building materials of these structures such as steel and concrete are often not suitable for wireless connectivity. This regularly causes network loss, which complicates the work process for the offshore and onshore personnel. The Mobile Kit avoids this problem by using mesh technology and 5G pico cells.

Whether the wind turbine is already equipped with a leaky feeder or not, the Mobile Kit provides you with connectivity without any problems. If no leaky feeder is present, the Mobile Kit connects to the license-free frequency band 5.8 GHz or the non-license-free 5G frequency 3.5 GHz. The offshore team can easily take a Mobile Kit with them for installation and maintenance and connect to it. Via the stable connection they can work together with other teams, both onshore and offshore. After the operation, the team will simply take the Mobile Kit with them. In this way, the implementing organization does not have to invest unnecessarily in fixed equipment that is used infrequently.

If there is a leaky feeder, the Mobile Kit can be connected to it. This way the inside of the turbine mast can be provided with connectivity, without fixed equipment such as APs, 5G picocells or VoIP systems. This avoids a lot of unnecessary costs and wind turbines can already be installed without the presence of fiber.

  • Connect with license-free frequency band 5.8 GHz and 5G frequency 3.5 GHz
  • Equipped with a 5G picocell
  • Plug and play and cost effective

Solutions for events

A reliable network connection at events and fairs always plays a crucial role. Due to the temporary nature of events and fairs, there is often no investment in fixed equipment: it is often expensive and is used too infrequently to justify the cost. The Mobile Kit offers a solution here, for both mobile and fixed event locations. Whether it concerns an event location where traditional operators do not offer fixed lines or a mobile event where there is frequent change of location, the Mobile Kit always provides full coverage. In addition, the Mobile Kit can be used as failover if the fixed internet line malfunctions.

The kit includes a router with SIM card(s) and an access point with which you can create a temporary SSID. This makes it easy to create a WiFi hotspot. With the help of a security key you give quick and easy access to your temporary network. The compact kit can be deployed quickly and crucial information can be shared in no time.

  • Router with AP
  • 1 to 2 SIM cards
  • Temporary SSID and security key
  • Fixed and mobile locations


  • WiFi
  • 4G
  • 5G
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