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Safety Drone

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The Safety Drone gives first responders an overview of the incident only minutes after the distress call is received.

Saving Lives Through Innovation

The Safety Drone is the most efficient way for first responders to gain a detailed overview of an emergency situation. As soon as the emergency centre receives a call, a Safety Drone can be deployed. Just minutes after lift-off, the HD and thermal cameras on-board stream live video feeds to dispatch and the emergency services on-route to the incident using the Citymesh 5G network and our secure video streaming application, DroneHub.

Thanks to this live footage, emergency services can anticipate risks and select the best equipment needed for a successful rescue mission. Safely conducting a mission and quickly providing victims with the right care is easier with the prior knowledge the Safety Drone offers. The drone can be used in a variety of missions such as fires, tracing a missing person, floods and serious traffic accidents.

Drones as a service

Citymesh provides the Safety Drone as a service (DaaS). This means emergency services, fire brigade and police do not have to invest in drones, drone infrastructure nor in the education and training of licensed drone pilots. The licensed Citymesh pilots are at the disposal of our clients 24/7. They survey every flight mission and intervene when necessary from the Drone Command & Control Center in our headquarters in Oostkamp. Using official first response communication channels, the pilot communicates with the involved emergency services. Citymesh has all necessary permits, licenses and insurance to legally operate the drone in the service of the fire brigade and police.

Citymesh 5G Network

Citymesh is building a private 5G network optimized for autonomous BVLOS drone operations. This network guarantees communication from and to drones at height and over long distances.

  • Complies with GDPR privacy legislation and the strictest security standards
  • HD and thermal PTZ camera with 30x zoom
  • Fully integrated with the emergency dispatch
  • Streaming platform Dronehub for the safe sharing of live images


  • 5G
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