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WiFiLab is a cloud platform that displays accurately acquired data about WiFi networks, users, IoT sensors and Footfall Analytics. The collected data can be viewed in near real-time via the online platform and stored in the cloud. If you offer one or more WiFi networks as a service, WiFiLab is the way to better tailor a service to the needs of the end user.

WiFiLab is offered as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and is compatible with both existing and new WiFi networks.

WiFi Management

The WiFi Management application offers the system administrator everything to easily manage his networks. He can manage the access codes, assign rights to colleagues and he can see which users are currently logged in, where the networks are located and he can assign parameters to the end user (e.g. data limit, cost / used mb , time limit…).

In the WiFi Management application, the administrator can easily adjust the login flow and the portal page according to the network and location.

WiFi Analytics

WiFiLab's WiFi Analytics allows you to consult historical data about the WiFi networks. For example, you will find out how long WiFi sessions last, how the end-user has logged in, which AP's are the most popular and in which language the end-user communicates. The administrator can consult this data in near real-time on the platform. Everything is clearly visualized on a cloud dashboard.


The data you collect with various sensors connected to your network can also be viewed on WiFiLab. Data such as temperature, humidity, noise measurements, availability of parking spaces, height measurements and water consumption are some of the possibilities. This data is all clearly displayed on the platform and gives you an overview of what is happening at each location.

Footfall Analytics

The visitor flow data collected with the Footfall AI can also be viewed in WiFiLab.


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