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Connect your employees to the 4G network and stay accessible, even outside the company premises.

More than Mobile

4G technology is well established in our modern society and therefore an ideal communication tool for your company. Citymesh Connect offers flexible mobile subscriptions that provide your company with a perfect connection to a public 4G network. Our 4G offer does not stop with data and calling, you can also connect your fixed telephony to it and switch to VoIP technology.

  1. 4G technology is suitable for normal business communications such as calling, video calls and surfing. A 5G network is more suitable for business-critical communication
  2. 4G infrastructure is well distributed so that you always have good coverage, wherever you are
  3. You can easily combine your 4G subscription with one or more of our other network solutions

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Our collaboration starts here! Get in touch with one of our network professionals and tell us your plans. Together, we will select the best possible solution so your organisation can reach new heights!