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5G is the new generation in communication and radio technology. This technology heralds a new era in which automation and extensive digitization can no longer be ignored.

Since 2018, Citymesh is the first operator in Belgium to have access to the 5G frequency. Citymesh is also the official distributor of Nokia base stations and 5G masts for the Belgian industrial 5G market. Thanks to the use of our own spectrum, you can be sure of a guaranteed capacity of your network.

More than a network

Your company will also benefit from the increased reliability and unparalleled speed of a private 5G network. Such a network is extremely suitable for business-critical communication and accelerates every process within your company. Innovative applications such as self-driving vehicles (AGV), Push-to-talk & Push-to-video, real-time sensor data and drone communication become a possibility, even under difficult conditions.

Private 5G quickly and securely connects all your devices on the same wireless network. With a private network you have full control over what happens with your company data and that data is also better secured.

  1. 5G is the solution for business-critical communication due to its ultra-low latency and high throughput
  2. Each private 5G network is optimized for local services and applications, both indoor and outdoor
  3. Your company data is securely stored within your own network
  4. The network and associated solutions are fully adaptable to the needs of your company
  5. You are not dependent on a public operator

Now this is it.
Time for action.

Our collaboration starts here! Get in touch with one of our network professionals and tell us your plans. Together, we will select the best possible solution so your organisation can reach new heights!