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0G (LPWAN) is a low-power wide-area network. The network efficiently sends small data packets over low frequencies that reach further than other networks such as WiFi. Citymesh uses this wireless network to connect a large number of small IoT sensors. The data collected with those sensors is displayed in real-time in a user-friendly dashboard. Citymesh owns the national Sigfox IoT network. This wireless network connects more than 300,000 small IoT sensors in Belgium. The data collected by these sensors is displayed in real-time in a clear dashboard.

Energy Efficient IOT

The low complexity of an LPWAN (0G) makes it one of the most user-friendly wireless networks to connect IoT applications. This energy-efficient network type connects various devices and securely collects qualitative data. This technology is much cheaper than M2M networks with high subscription costs.

All data is collected in a dashboard on which you can consult both historical and real-time data from all sensors on your site.

  1. Citymesh offers several standards: Sigfox, LoRaWAN, NB-IOT
  2. Suitable for any location: LPWAN is suitable for connecting many sensors in a large area, both indoor and outdoor
  3. Energy Efficient: LPWAN is optimized for low energy consumption
  4. Low costs: After installation and depending on the sensor batteries, an LPWAN can often function for years without further costs

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