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We plan, install and maintain your professional WiFi network. Citymesh offers your visitors, customers and users a robust WiFi 6 network, optimized for your location. WiFi 6 is the latest WiFi standard, with which we can guarantee a higher speed and a larger capacity. WiFi 6 is optimized to provide fast and secure connectivity, even when many devices are connected.

Citymesh offers its WiFi solutions in various sectors: from public WiFi in companies and cities to private networks in schools and offices.

A to Z

A stable connection starts with a qualitative infrastructure. Each Citymesh network starts with a thorough analysis of the location. One of our network professionals conducts a site survey and provides an overview of the current infrastructure and connection speeds. He examines which adjustments are desirable in order to be able to switch to a high-performance network. After that, the installation can be carried out by Citymesh as well. After the installation of this network, Citymesh assists the IT employee with monitoring and maintenance.

Capacity, safety and ease of use

  1. Our networks are equipped with access points that are sized to connect more than 50 devices per access point
  2. The maximum WiFi speed of WiFi 6 is three times higher than the top speed of previous standards
  3. To guarantee ease of use, Citymesh offers single sign-on registration systems, adapted to each use situation
  4. With the Citymesh solution WiFiLab, you can easily monitor usage on your network
  5. Maintenance contract with consistent assistance and monitoring by our network professionals

Now this is it.
Time for action.

Our collaboration starts here! Get in touch with one of our network professionals and tell us your plans. Together, we will select the best possible solution so your organisation can reach new heights!