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We go the extra mile to provide reliable connections in all our markets. Crossing the divide wherever we go, that is the art of connectivity.

Technology Fair I 5G IS NOW I 28 september

Technology Fair I 5G IS NOW I 28 september

We're overloaded with information about 5G. It is a hot topic, because it is completely adaptable to the needs of your company and is seen as the solution for business-critical communication. Citymesh wants to make this concrete and therefore organises a 5G exhibition where digitisation/ automation is the central theme and new technological applications are demonstrated.

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Citymesh specializes in
various markets

Citymesh has fifteen years of experience with wireless connectivity
in the most diverse scenarios. With that in-depth knowledge about technologies
such as WiFi, 4G and 5G, we offer Wireless Managed Services.
We propose, install and manage the appropriate connectivity solution, every time.

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Recent news


Partnership between TowerEye and Citymesh

Citymesh and TowerEye enter into a partnership, focusing on temporary private 4G, LTE and 5G connections for festivals and other events.


Citymesh's Safety Drone is used in tests of Brussels Airport and skeyes to chase away birds

Airports do everything in their power to prevent birds from coming close to planes during take-off and landing. Brussels Airport and skeyes are testing in cooperation with Citymesh to what extent drones can help in monitoring and chasing away birds in the vicinity of the airport.


Citymesh acquires Belgian Sigfox IoT network: "Experts in telecommunications, from 0G to 5G"

Telecom operator Citymesh acquires the Belgian Sigfox operator ENGIE M2M. With this acquisition, Citymesh completes its wireless portfolio with 0G connectivity. The global roaming capabilities will allow Citymesh to support both national and international customers.

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