- You speak fluent Dutch
- Bachelor degree (preferably Engineering) and a good dose of enthusiasm
- Are you a school leaver or do you have a first work experience, then you qualify for the Junior position;
- If you have 5 years of experience, you should definitely apply for the Medior position;
- Thorough knowledge of Linux system administration (preferably Debian) and underlying software (Bash, systemd, cron, iptables, ...);
- Knowledge of virtualisation platforms such as KVM and VMWare.
- Strong affinity with programming (Python / Go).
- Experience with web / proxy servers such as Nginx, Apache, HAProxy, Traefik
- Strong knowledge of databases, both relational and NoSQL (Postgresql, Percona, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, ...)
- Familiar with file system and storage systems (NFS, ext4, btrfs, ...)
- Basic knowledge of networking technologies (TCP/IP Stack, Vlans, DNS, Firewalling, SNMP)


- Experience with configuration management tools (Chef, Ansible, ...)
- Knowledge of container technologies such as Docker (Swarm) / Kubernetes
- Familiar with Gitlab CI/CD pipelines
- Familiar with monitoring services using Prometheus and Grafana
- Experience with Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure solutions
- Experience with cloud services (Azure / GCP / AWS)


- A flexible and motivated person who can react well in stressful situations
- Someone with analytical skills who dares to go the extra mile
- You are not afraid of a challenge, take initiative and adapt quickly
- You like to work in a team but you are not afraid to follow up an assignment independently

Our Values

When it comes to connectivity, events face some unique challenges that make half solutions anything but sufficient. How does Citymesh address all of these challenges?

Infinitely curious

Our search for smaller, faster, better will never stop. We’re innovators, makers at heart. We want to do it ourselves. It’s in our DNA, it’s what drives us. We’re never not tinkering and always looking ahead for tomorrow’s problems. That curiosity pushes us to innovate. Pushes us to change.This is some text inside of a div block.

With a human touch

Our solutions might be hightech, but we ourselves are still human and humane. We’re just as familiar with ones and zeros as we are with our clients and our team. We get them, we understand their needs and we’ll think along with them to provide the right and complete solutions.

Built on knowledge and innovation

Citymesh bursts with talent, expertise and executive power. We improve existing solutions, invent new ones and put a lot of trust in research & development. We try, we fail, we try again, we succeed. But most of all, we trust our people.

Change for impact

No change, no progress. We’re here to challenge the status quo. We’re tired of empty promises and vague visions of the future. We take matters into our own hands and make things happen. We bring change to the world of connectivity, and through that change we change society for the best.
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It's time to shake
things up.

Many years ago, passionate about technology and innovation, we felt the frustrations bubble. Connectivity, something that important for both business as society, was handled the wrong way. Time to shake things up!Citymesh brings innovation, transparency and the human touch to the telco industry. And by changing the telecom status quo, we can help improve other domains too. Think healthcare, education, entertainment and (blue) economy.But we need hands, brains and talent. So, do you feel like joining the telco revolution?

Join us building the 4th operator!
The best one of course.

Mitch De Geest

Innovators & crafters

In the connectivity realm, we are the innovators and crafters.

Potential clients contact us because they know we know our game. Because they know we can solve their problem.

Problem solvers, solution finders

Solving (complex) problems is what grinds our gears. A ‘positive of course we can’ attitude combined with expertise and experimenting gets us there.

We’re all about solutions.

The new gen

We’re here to shake things up. To bring change to the telecom and connectivity world.

To speak, act and treat clients in a different way. The Citymesh way.


Citymesh is all about connecting the right opportunities. Bringing the right people and expertise together with team, clients and partners.

Connecting problems to solutions.